24/7 Real Time Operator Assisted Inmate Prepaid Collect
NCIC Inmate Telephone Services
Featuring I.C.E. (Inmate Call Engine)
24/7 Real Time Operator Assisted Inmate Prepaid Collect
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Inmate Telephone Services

  • I.C.E. (Inmate Call Engine)
  • Inmate Billing & Validation
  • Inmate Customer Service

Telephone Operator Services

  • Pay Phone Operator Services
  • Hospital Operator Services
  • Wholesale Operator Services
  • Directory Assistance
  • Credit Card Swipe Phones

NCIC Telephone Services

NCIC (Network Communications International Corp.) stands for excellent customer service, technological innovation and creative market strategies.  Founded in 1995, NCIC has an impressive track record handling millions of inbound calls per month, making it one of the largest privately owned Telephone Service Companies in the United States.

NCIC provides telecom solutions to Inmate facilities, Pay Phone owners, Hospitals, Hotels and Local Exchange Carriers.  Our products include Inmate Phone Services, Live and Automated Telephone Operator services, Directory Assistance, Conference Call Services, Telephone Validation and Local Exchange Billing services.

Inmate Telephone Services

Our Inmate Telephone Service Solution is designed for existing inmate phone service providers and for those interested in providing phone service to inmate facilities. You provide the contacts, phones, and on-location service. We provide tariffs, billing and collection services; validation; customer service; long distance (carrier cost); and our 21st Century I.C.E. (Inmate Call Engine) Inmate phone system.

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Telephone Operator Services

NCIC has been providing Live & Automated Operator Services (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) since 1995.  We offer Foreign Language Assistance, Accurate and Competitive Commissions, Responsive Service, Custom Branding, International Call Placement, Fraud Protection, On-Line Validation, unbundled Operator Services and Directory Assistance.

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Billing Inquiries

1-(800) 382-2887

For specific Rate and Tariff questions Please visit Rate and Tariff.
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Prepaid Account Setup

1-(800) 943-2189

Note: Before calling, please make sure we are the phone service provider for the facility you are needing to be setup with.    

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