International Operator Services

Home Country Direct Services:

NCIC offers a completely IP-based Home Country Direct LIDB Validation service allowing PTT's to validate collect calls to the USA, Canada, UK and Puerto Rico over the public internet and terminate the calls through NCIC's network with a substantially higher settlement payment than has been realized in the past using traditional TDM / C7 connections.  Additionally, NCIC has obtained many new collect call agreements with LECs / OCNs in the USA and Canada providing a higher amount of billable collect calls to phone companies.  This means PTTs will have a higher completion rate of collect calls and less call rejections using NCIC's billing and validation services. 

As part of the validation and billing services, NCIC has obtained agreements for collect billing to many of the cellular / mobile phone providers is the USA.  NCIC now offers settlements of up to $4 per call for collect calls to AT&T Wireless, Cingular, Sprint / Nextel, US Cellular, Boost Mobile, T-Mobile, Alltel and Cricket Mobile.   This new service can allow you to increase your collect call completions up to 80%.

Inmate Telecommunications Platform:

NCIC's completely redesigned VOIP-based, automated inmate telephone platform is able to support over 20 languages and can work in any country in cooperation with the local telephone company.   The platform allows jails to sell debit / prepaid calling cards to inmates via the commissary service or the inmate's family is able to purchase calling time via our web-interface using a major credit card, debit card or Western Union.  
The inmate telephone platform offers a full range of security and management features, such as:
  • Live call monitoring
  • Call recording
  • Call timers
  • Call detail reporting
  • Call reporting search features by inmate or destination numbers
  • Local and international calling
  • Live call blocking
  • Mobile phone call blocking
  • International collect calling to various countries
  • Kiosks for cash and credit card transactions
  • Visitation phone management and recording
  • Station specific management allowing deactivation / shutoff during specific times of the day
  • Ability to limited destination numbers by inmate
  • Automated Personal Identification Number (PIN) management system for call controlling
  • Custom branding with facility name

For the inmate VOIP telephone platform, NCIC can either co-locate the equipment at your facilities or maintain the equipment in the USA.  NCIC provide VOIP compatible security phones to place at the prisons.  NCIC also guarantees 100% fraud-free services.

Hospitality Operator Services and Card-Pay Phone Services:
NCIC has expanded upon it's current international operator service platform by adding VOIP capabilities and collect calling to mobile / cellular phones.   NCIC utilizes its own multilingual, live operator center based in the USA and can offer custom features and branding for hotel chains or carriers.   With the easy access to a live operator, our customers experience higher call completions and higher customer satisfaction.   NCIC is also expanding upon it's popular 800-Call4Less product to the international market in order to offer low-priced international calling to PTT's for marketing on their public pay phones.  

Using the 800-Call4Less product in conjunction with card-reader public pay phones, many of NCIC's airport and resort customers have experienced revenue increases by over 300%.
Furthermore, NCIC has secured agreements with several international carriers to offer DID origination from over 50 countries worldwide with unlimited capacity. 

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Inmate Telephone Services
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